We'll get you started with a few questions.

Guided Setup: Step 1 of 6

Let's start with something simple.

When is your next payday?

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Guided Setup: Step 2 of 6

Great! We'll worry about that money when it comes in.

What expenses will you have before ?
And about how much will they cost?

(We'll make some guesses to get you started - keep it simple!)


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Guided Setup: Step 3 of 6

Lastly, how much money do you have to budget with right now?

We recommend your current account
balance to keep things simple.

(Don't worry, this stays private!)

Why are we asking for this info?

We only want to use money you actually have to build your budget. This is called zero-sum budgeting.

The only time we'll ask you for this is when you set up your budget.

We'll never ask you for your bank credentials.

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Guided Setup: Step 4 of 6
Evaluating Budget...

Great job!

Create an account to save your budget.

Necessary for password recovery.

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